Black Jack is considered as the most popular casino game. Here, each player tries to beat the dealer by getting  a number close to 21 without going above it.  This card game deals with two cards- one card with face down, and the other card with face up.

It is the only game which has proved to be beneficial for the players as it can beat the dealer.  Live casino blackjack consists of a real blackjack table and a live blackjack dealer shuffles the real decks of cards.

Blackjack is a simple game also known as “Twenty-One”. It involves a simple mathematical strategy to win.  The player who plays it with a good mathematical strategy can easily win. Here, seven players play against one dealer blackjack cardswhere card shuffling is done by the dealer. All players then place their bets and after that the dealer and players both start getting their cards. After getting the second card, the players can continue buying other cards. This is done until the number comes nearby 21.

Some Of The Basic Terms Used With Black Jack:

Hit – You receive a card. Blackjack allows you to hit until you do not exceed the number 21

Stand – This means you are ending your turn and passing out to the next player.

Double Down- Double means to double your wager. You then receive another card after which your turn will end.

Split- If the player has 2 cards of the same value, then he can split it and play each one separately. 

Surrender- This allows you to lose half of your bet and bow out. This is very good if you do not want to lose your whole bet while staying in.

Bust- Bust means you lose! This is when you go over 21.

Push- This means tie-you neither win nor lose. It happens when you and the dealer both get the same value.

Natural- It happens  when you get your first two cards as an ace or a card with value ‘ten’.

What Is The Simple Black Jack Strategy?

This game totally depends upon your ability to analyze  when to hit, stand,  double down or split or surrender. Live blackjack aims to get a higher count than the dealer as the players just compete against the dealer. But this card count should not exceed 21. The best is when the sum of the first two card values of the cards is exactly 21.

This game is played with 8 decks where the dealer stands on 17. Players can double down on any 2 starting cards. The starting cards of the same value can be split but there can be only one split per hand. There is a single card to each split Ace and there is no double down after the Split. Also read LIVE CASINO

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